Some products sell themselves. Others require a little more help. The right lighting. Thoughtful layout and traffic flow. Counters and shelving crafted from carefully selected materials. Environments that transcend the expected and immerse customers in experiences that inspire them to engage with brands and merchandise. In other words, the type of commercial environments created by Greenfire.

Of course, business can’t stop even while you’re moving forward with exciting new plans. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at Greenfire have learned the in’s and out’s of advancing projects in active environments, allowing stores to remain open with minimal disruption to your operation—or the businesses next door. Greenfire knows how to keep the register ringing.

"Greenfire continues to be a beacon of possibility within the Milwaukee community and beyond. It has been an absolute gift to be supported by so many brilliant and heart-centered professionals through iterations of projects from inception to completion."

– JoAnne Sabir, Co-founder | Freedom Endeavors, Inc.

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