SoftwareONE North American Office - Milwaukee, WI


17,000 SF





The SoftwareONE North American Office project is a full interior renovation and build-out of the second floor of an historic building in downtown Milwaukee. The office serves as the new North American Headquarters for the international software company. The office space is located on the second floor of the historic Dye House and focuses on employee-centric elements that increase collaboration and engagement. The project consists of the remodel and build-out of the entire floor, totaling 17,000 SF.

The new floorplan features open environment fitted with high-end finishes and AV features with seamless connectivity to accommodate its hybrid workforce along with specialized lighting and furnishes to create impromptu collaboration areas. About three-quarters of the floor dedicated to office and employee collaboration areas. New amenities include multiple open work areas, enclosed offices with glass glazing, and conference and training spaces. The design also features a high-end kitchen and break room, a game room and multi-purpose room, along with a lounge area centered around a digitally customizable fireplace. The receptionist desk also features a large digital display board that highlights the company’s culture and services and greets newly arrived guests.

Construction of the new office layout centered around upgraded HVAC and electrical systems retrofitted to the building’s central system. The upgraded electrical system is fit with modern fixtures; most notably a Connectrac System that serves as a two-fold solution to address company’s hybrid work approach. The system runs wiring and connections to each of the 80 workstations but can accommodate up to 200 employees allowing them to connect anywhere in the office.


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