Like many ancient cultures, the Potawatomi people consider fire to be hallowed. It’s this enduring sacred fire at the heart of the community that draws leaders together. It kindles wise discussions and new ways of thinking. And it’s these enduring flames that stoke new fires for other important purposes. At Greenfire, we view our role in the construction process as much the same as that of these faithful keepers of the sacred fire. We bring people together—not just our own highly experienced staff, but also our trusted partners and clients. Then we lead in-depth discussions to generate innovative solutions and arrive at well considered decisions. In keeping with our cultural tradition of preserving the path for future generations, Greenfire is steadfastly committed to building sustainable structures that enhance their surrounding communities. We are dedicated professionals. We are seasoned guides. We are your trusted partner in construction management from concept to completion.

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Building our Reputation

  • June 2024 Project Spotlight | Merge Urbane424

  • The Spark | June 2024

  • Lakeside Alliance Church Ribbon Cutting

  • Ribbon Cutting for Laona Rescue Unit

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for JFS Woodale Crossing

  • Potawatomi Sportsbook Grand Opening


Builders of the Future

Greenfire is a local builder that provides innovative construction services backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management. As our core offering, we serve as an extension of the owner’s team – from early conceptual planning through project completion. Our services are tailored to fit the size and complexity of any project helping to optimize value.

We operate with transparency and trust and competitively bid all our work to ensure highest value on the project, and for the client. The efforts of all our project team members are skillfully coordinated and managed so that the project budget, schedule and quality are always on track.

Tired of worrying about all the details, don’t! We can help you sleep easy every night.

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