River House Apartments - Milwaukee, WI


383,000 SF


Atlantic Realty Partners


HKM Architects

New construction of two four-story buildings on a compact urban infill along the East bank of the Milwaukee River. The complex includes 243 units, underground parking, a pool, with a complete redevelopment of the River-walk. Project required detailed pre-construction analysis of the urban site to mitigate risk. Project challenges include the need for earth retention, environmental issues, and deep foundations. Construction services required complex site logistics in a high-traffic area to minimize disruption avoidance.

"The project team demonstrated excellent construction coordination, construction knowledge, and professionalism. The team to vet potential conflicts with design and constructability to avoid additional changes. Majority of the units punched were turnkey at first walk. I would highly recommend
Greenfire as a construction partner."

– Matt Schossow, Development Manager | River House Apartments

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