April 2024 Project Spotlight | UW-Oshkosh Chiller Replacement Project Rolls On

April 1, 2024

Progress is continuing at Greenfire’s UW-Oshkosh Chiller Replacement project.

The project involves the replacement of an existing cooling tower at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. To support this new cooling tower, various components have been installed, including new hydronic piping, replacement pumps for both the new and existing towers, new electrical disconnects and controls by Johnson Controls. The catwalk system has been replaced as well.

The delivery of the cooling tower components required six tractor trailers, which were stored in a holding area in Oshkosh until they were ready to be hoisted into position on the roof. A&J Mechanical Contractors, Inc. provided highly skilled tradesmen who efficiently prefabricated and installed 12-inch steel hydronic piping.

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