Ribbon Cutting for Laona Rescue Unit

May 23, 2024

Laona Rescue Unit, Inc. celebrated the opening of their new EMS building with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. The weather couldn’t have been better on the day to commemorate the culmination of the hard work of many involved to make the new home for Laona Rescue Unit a reality. Greenfire‘s new build of the three-bay EMS facility complete with a treatment center, staff quarters, training facility and helipad sits proudly nestled within the beautiful mature trees of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, right off State Highway 32. The event was attended by local neighbors, the Laona Rescue Unit staff, Team Greenfire and many representatives and dignitaries. Scott Reeves, Laona Rescue Unit Vice President welcomed everyone in attendance, and personally thanked everyone involved in the project including Team Greenfire and their construction team for the quality and attention to detail provided in the build of their new facility, pointing out that in his personal experience from his many years in construction, he can quickly tell when those working actually care deeply about what they’re working on. Scott then turned the microphone over to Annie Krawze, President of Laona Rescue Unit, who recounted her tireless effort it took to make this building possible. Annie commended the early involvement of the Forest County Potawatomi Community, whom is one of the several communities that Laona Rescue Unit serves. Thanks to their early contribution of the funds to pay for a feasibility study, the project finally had the necessary footing to begin. Annie also shared her account of the dozens of grants she applied for, and the joy she expressed when she learned that the project had received full funding through grants from Governor Tony Evers administration and programs from the USDA through the offices of US Senator Tammy Baldwin. Annie also thanked Greenfire’s early involvement in the planning process and bringing Gries Architectural Group‘s design to life. Ward Leach, a founding member of Laona Rescue Unit reiterated the importance of the service to the area as well.

The day included a few surprises, including a visit from a Life Link III medical flight helicopter to showcase the facility’s capability with the addition of the helipad. Scott also took a moment to close out the ceremony inviting everyone to partake in the catered BBQ, but also thanked everyone involved again and, but especially Annie for all her effort and dedication. To honor her efforts and sacrifice, Scott informed Annie that the training center will be named “The Annie Krawze Mama Bear Training Center” in her honor. Greenfire’s project team comprised of Scott Earley and John Chinault, who did the honors of holding the ribbon for Annie to officially cut the ribbon to mark the momentous occasion. This new facility ensures the exceptional care that Laona Rescue Unit provides will continue for many more generations.


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