Greenfire Partnership with Local Rescue and Response Teams

July 27, 2022

The Zuelke Building is a prominent landmark in downtown Appleton, and with construction underway on all 12 floors, it’s a great opportunity for local rescue and first responders to train and develop their skills.

This month, the Greenfire project team hosted local fire fighters on-site for a tour. The walk-though gave the rescue team an opportunity to assess building layout, explore potential rescue options, view structural materials, and gain insight on all building systems. This was a great way for our team to seek their thoughts and feedback for ways of improvement as well. Our project team was more than happy to give the fire fighter crew an early view of the building prior to completion so the crew is best prepared in case of an emergency.

Earlier in the year, the local police and SWAT team reached out for a tour and similar training purposes. After the tour and building assessment, the team utilized all 12 floors to train for room clearing, active shooter, K-9 unit, as well as vantage point optics.

We recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships with all local rescue and first responder teams and admire their sacrifice and courage. It’s an honor to be able to help train and develop their team coordination and skills and it is also a great way for our teams to expand our knowledge and capabilities. This is only one of many examples that Greenfire projects and associated teams assisted local rescue teams with training and operations – and we are happy to do so. Thank you to Craig Bailey, Superintendent, and Brett Christofferson, Project Manager, for going above and beyond their roles in order to support and assist.

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