Greenfire and PBDC celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November 16, 2023

We came for the food, but left nourished in so many ways. As Greenfire and other PBDC team members entered the Community Gathering Room they were greeted with the smell of warm food and custom lapel pins featuring elements of nature. The group gathered for an opening blessing by CEO, Kip Ritchie, followed by a presentation by Tina Baker featuring Chef Elena Terry of Wild Bearies. Chef Terry founded Wild Bearies to help expand the knowledge and power of food. The organization focuses on mentoring young people and teaching how to use food as medicine and how to eat for nourishment and to replenish the body. They have apprenticeships, mentorships and training opportunities to help spread the knowledge across generations of Native Americans through farming, gardening and cooking programs.

Chef Terry treated the crowd to freshly cooked vegetables, sweet potatoes, hand-harvested wild rice, salmon and meat from the local tribal farm. The group enjoyed a delicious meal, great company and good conversations. This program was part of several Tina Baker from PBDC organized to help educate employees throughout Native American Heritage Month. Other programs included corn husk doll making and beading.

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