Chief Simon Day

May 31, 2022

On May 18th, we recognized Chief Simon Onanguisse Kahquados, an important leader and speaker of the Forest County Potawatomi.

Chief Simon Onanguisse Kahquados was the last hereditary descendant in a long line of Potawatomi chiefs, his family being one of the oldest known Potawatomi inhabitants of Wisconsin.

He was an elder spokesman for the Potawatomi Indians who worked with delegates from the State of Wisconsin and Washington D.C. to improve the lives, lands, and welfare of the Potawatomi.

As an engaging speaker, he often served as an interpreter and also provided a wealth of information on various subjects such as ancestry, culture, language, history, and Potawatomi life.

He was born on May 18, 1851, at the Black Earth Potawatomi Village in Kewaunee County and ultimately settled in Forest County around the mid-1910s until his death in November 1930.

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