BizTimes’ 2023 Notable Women in Construction and Design

April 26, 2023

BizTimes’ 2023 Notable Women in Construction and Design: Simmi Urbanek

Congratulations to our Director of Marketing, Simmi Urbanek, on being named to BizTimes’ Notable Women in Construction and Design! Simmi works across the board at Greenfire to implement marketing strategies, solidify client relationships, and build upon the employee-centric culture that defines our company. As part of Greenfire’s leadership team, she takes an active role in the development of our company and helps shape the vision of the company and its future.

BizTimes’ Notable Women in Construction and Design – Simmi Urbanek:

When Simmi Urbanek joined Milwaukee-based Greenfire Management Services as director of marketing, company leaders insisted that she be on the leadership team and have a voice.

“Her knowledge across the industry is a unique quality as she sees the big picture,” said Jeb Meier, president of Greenfire. “She has been an asset to the team as a leader.”

“Simmi has a great feel for marketing strategies and tactics, and she is fantastic at engaging our Greenfire team members and building and solidifying our client relationships,” said Pepi Randolph, vice president of business development. 

“With her nearly 20 years of marketing experience, she has developed a keen ability and intense passion for planning and implementing successful marketing strategies and initiatives. She is a natural leader, and her organizational skills are exceptional. Simmi is a tremendous asset for Greenfire,” said Randolph.

In 2022, Simmi coordinated a presentation on the strategic initiatives of the company, complete with custom shirts delivered to each team member across the state.

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