2022 Greenfire Chili Cook-off

December 1, 2022

November is chili month at Greenfire – which means it’s the return of the Greenfire Chili Cook-off! Both offices hosted a cook-off with the judging performed by fellow team members.

The Milwaukee cook-off had eight participants (and one control chili) entered into the friendly event, but competition remained stiff. The Greenfire staff along with the Wgema Campus Police Department had the tough task of tasting, judging, and grading each of the nine chilis. After much deliberation, a winner was ultimately decided,

Congratulations to Cedric Price, Estimator, on being named the 2022 Milwaukee Chili Cook-off Champion! His Chipotle Baconator Chili proved to be the best of them all. His secret recipe, you ask? While he is keeping it close to his chest – or because he probably can’t remember the whole recipe; but hey, that’s just what this writer thinks and is in no way bitter over the stain of defeat, but I digress – he did reveal the secrets to his success:

  1. Chipotle
  2. Bacon
  3. TLC

A big Thank you to the other chili contestants for showcasing their spins on chili!

Kyle Widenski – The Scooter Tooter is back!

Simmi Urbanek – The Root Beer Barrel

Cheryl Bousquet – Texas Roadhouse

Ed Person – Not your Mom’s Chili

Pepi Randolph – Milwaukee’s Best

Brian Kraus – Diablo

John Aperi – Just #8 – aka Salmonella

Control Chili (Hormel Canned Chili) – Tasty

The Northern Operations chili cook-off also declared a winner. Congratulations to John Chinault for crafting the winning chili for the Wausau office!

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